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About Air Purifiers
Without fast fresh-air ventilation, air pollutants indoors can reach a concentration two to five times higher than outdoors. Pollutants such as cooking fumes, smoke, pollen, dust, debris, bacteria and pet dander contribute to the unhealthy and dangerous air quality. These contaminants will lead to allergies, reduced lung function, throat pains and bronchitis. The best way to improve your indoor air quality is to remove the allergens and pollutants out and keep the indoor air fresh and circulating.
Air purifiers can improve air quality and help you breathe easier. Take the Lantark air purifier for example. The air filter is constructed of high-quality ABS-PC material and an antistatic metal net. The air cleaner comprises five different stages of filtration, including an activated carbon filter, a Ture HEPA filter, a pre filter, a molecular sieve and a negative ion generator. All stages combine into 5-in-1 filtration effects and each stage has their specific function. The activated carbon filter is to absorb household odors from pets, cooking, smoke and gases. The Ture HEPA filter aims to trap particles as tiny as 0.3 microns such as dust, pollen and other allergy triggers. The pre filter works to remove large particles like hair and pet dander. And the molecular sieve is to attract formaldehyde, benzene and other noxious gases. Last but not least, the negative ion generator acts to release millions of negative ions to purify the indoor air.
With a larger surface area to increase air volume, this home air purifier offers 360-degree purification. The best air purifier is built with two-speed settings to suit your needs and easy to operate. You only need to push the  'turn on' button to operate the device. Our room air purifiers are quiet and easy to clean, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kids' playrooms and offices. Come on! Improve your health or alleviate allergies and respiratory symptoms with Clatterans air purifiers now.
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