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About Bedding & Bath
Clatterans Bedding & Bath products contain several series such as pillows, shower mats, electric heating blankets, and so on, which aim to meet your needs in every aspect and provide a perfect solution for your bathroom and bedroom.
As the most indispensable necessity of bedding sets, pillows are commonly placed under our heads for a good sleep, but they do more than that. Clatterans offers the Leg Knee Foam support pillow, which is invented to help reduce pressure and discomfort occurring from a bad sleeping posture. The Side Sleep Pillow comes with velvet fabric and a high-density odourless sponge in a scientific orthopedic design in line with the growth of kids, which will be a good choice for some babies who prefer a side sleeping position. Also, the 23x23x20cm Pillow Pad that features a dual-edge design will allow you to relax in style and comfort with any posture like lying down, sitting up, or standing.
When it comes to adding a bathroom accessory, one of the most important parts of your bathroom is the shower mat, which soaks up excess water or splashes, keeping floors dry, clean, and mildew–free. As a necessity of the bathroom, the shower mat makes your space more hygienic; therefore, you should pick it out carefully.
Clatterans sells every kind of shower mat you can imagine. Perfect for kids and the elderly, the 55x55cm non-slip shower mat with drain holes, for example, is covered with round non-slip rings, and its bottom is backed with suction cups, making it grip the floor tightly. Also, this shower mat comes with a massage function, allowing you to enjoy a foot massage while taking a shower. More importantly, it is machine washable. If you want to enjoy a foot spa at home, then you cannot miss the 80x40cm Foot Scrubber Shower Mat, which features natural exfoliating pumice stone that can help remove dead skin on the soles of the feet. With this kind of shower mat, you can massage the feet, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, and improve sleep quality. Based on different needs, you can choose bathroom accessories tailored to your home and taste.
Update your key relaxation zones with Clatterans’s wide range of bathroom and bedroom essentials, which are on sale for holiday deals now.
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