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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
Different from traditional vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuums won’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet and can be taken anywhere corded vacuums can’t reach, making cleaning up your entire house a breeze. They’re lightweight, versatile and portable, gradually becoming popular among households in and around the United States.
Cordless vacuum cleaners come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and are designed with long tubes which can be pushed around to match your various requirements. The hand-held version offers a perfect way to maneuver in compact areas, such as tables, shelves, car boots and more while the upright type allows quick and convenient floor cleaning. With a cordless vacuum cleaner, it will be much easier to complete the most difficult jobs such as cleaning the car pedals and skirting boards.
Clatterans provides a great selection of premium cordless vacuums in different styles and sizes. Therefore, you can choose the right one which works best for you. Suitable for small, medium or large living or working space, the cordless vacuums from Clatterans are light enough to clean anywhere you want from the ceiling to the flooring, as well as sucking up dirt and dust from high or low bookshelves, hairs from pets and so on. Moreover, adopting innovative technology, our cordless vacuum cleaners are noiseless while cleaning, ideal for commercial spaces, especially in populated areas.
Our well-designed vacuum cleaners are equipped with large battery capacity for a long service life. The battery can support you to clean a house with two or more bedrooms on every single charge. And they are bagless, making emptying the dust effortlessly after cleaning each time. Replace the old vacuum cleaner in your home or office with our brand-new cordless handheld or stick vacuums. Use an effective way to keep your space tidy and clean all year round.

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