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About Jenn-Air
Filtering water through Jenn-Air refrigerator water filters helps to remove any harmful chemicals, contaminants and other impurities that your water may contain. You and your family can enjoy the cleaner, fresher and healthier ice and water, which is not just in beverages, but in meals, too. 

Here at Clatterans, Jenn-Air fridge water filters are very efficient at removing contaminants such as cysts and pesticides, chemicals (including chlorine), sediment, as well as odour. Jenn-Air filter not only removes the contaminants found in the tap water, but also keeps the drinking water at a chilled and drinkable temperature. Two for one! Certified by IAPMO and tested to NSF/ANSI Standards, Jenn-Air refrigerator filters are compatible with most types of refrigerators, which is convenient for you and your family to get fresh and clear water at any time. 

The Jenn-Air water filter needs to be changed once every six months, like other fridge water filters. But if you attempt to pass through a lot of drinking water and ice, it is recommended that you need to consider to replace the filter more regularly. Jenn-Air fridge filters are very simple to install and require no tools in order to replace the cartridge, so you don’t have to worry about a series of problems caused by clogged or incorrectly installed water filters. In addition, the investment cost in Jenn-Air water filter replacement and filtration system maintenance will be much cheaper than purchasing the bottled water.

Having clean, cool drinking water has never been easier than with a Jenn-Air filter replacement! Do not hesitate to get one to improve your health condition and life quality.


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