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About PUR

The PUR refrigerator water filter we provide here at Clatterans are rather different from others. On the one hand, PUR refrigerator filter is the unique one which adopts the MAXION filter technology – using the activated carbon and ion exchange to remove more contaminants than any other brand, such as mercury, lead, chlorine, pollutants, pharma, pesticides, cysts and more, while retaining the beneficial materials in the water. More amazingly, the toxic lead can be removed by up to 98%, which can lead to high blood pressure as well as kidney damage in adults and delays in physical or mental development in children. On the other hand, these PUR refrigerator water filters are suitable for various types of refrigerators, including Top-Freezer, Side-by-Side as well as French Door style refrigerators which comes from a range of leading manufacturers such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air or more. As the lifespan of the activated carbon is limited, we Clatterans here strongly recommend that the PUR water filter should be replaced on time, so that we won’t have any risk of drinking impure water.   

No one will deny that water plays such a vital role in maintaining our life that people can’t take the quality of their drinking water for granted. With the remarkable improvement of the living standard, the investment in water quality is also more and more important and affordable for every family.

PUR emerges as the times require, which can provide whatever water filtration system homeowners need to purify their household water, including pitchers, dispensers, faucet mounts, PUR replacement filters and fridge water filters. What distinguishes PUR from others is that PUR filters more contaminants.

Aimed at enabling more family to enjoy healthy water, Clatterrans has launched a huge selection of PUR water filters. Featuring unquestionable quality and unbeatable low price, the PUR water filter here at Clatterrans can allow you to rest assured that the water from your refrigerator is 100% safe and healthy to drink. Upgrade your refrigerator now and let you and your beloved ones drink healthy water every day! 

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