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Other help topics
  • Q1. What is estimated shipping date?

    We will deliver your pre-orders on estimated shipping date. However, estimated shipping time of arrival is not always a promise. The factory may encounter all kinds of problems during development and production. But we promise that we will update the ETA on “Notice” area of product page timely if available.

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  • Q2. How are pre-orders shipped?

    Shipment is arranged based on our regular couriers, i.e. FedEx, UPS and USPS.

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  • Q3. Are pre-order changes possible?

    Generally, we do not accept changes of the pre-order items.

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  • Q4. What if the shipment is delayed?

    If the promised shipping date is delayed, you can choose to wait for the arrival of the product, or to contact us info@clatterans.com to claim a refund.

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  • Q5. More questions?

    If you have further question on pre-order, please contact us: info@clatterans.com

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  • Q6. What is pre-order?

    Pre-order is an order placed for promising products that soon will be available on market. And you can enjoy greater discounts on pre-ordering products. Once the pre-order date passed, you should pay it at regular selling price.

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  • Q7. Why pre-order?

    In general, products under pre-order will be the hottest and most popular ones on the market. Demand for them usually exceeds supply at the first beginning. Pre-order way ensures you get the product almost the same time we do. And we will offer lower prices on pre-order products.

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  • Q8. How to check ETA?

    ETA (estimated time of arrival) can be found on the pre-order page, above the price tag.

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