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About Shower Filters
Since you are using a water filtration system for drinking water, have you considered using filtered water for smoother hair and skin? 
Why You Need A Shower Filter? 

Chlorine is a by-product of water disinfection. Though we have been careful enough to remove the hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from our drinking water, studies show that it can harm our body externally as well. Diving in swimming pools with high levels of chlorine for a long period, swimmers can show exacerbated asthma symptoms. People shampooing with hard water found it’s harder to create a lather, and the hair frizzed a lot. What causes these problems are the minerals contained in hard water such as calcium and magnesium. They can dry out our hair and skin. A shower filter can soften the harmful hard water. 
How to Choose the Best Shower Filter?  

When selecting a shower filter, we recommend to search your zip code in the EWG's tap-water database first to see what substances have been found in your area's water supply, then look for filters that are certified to remove or reduce these specific contaminants. Depending on your shower type, determine whether the all-in-one showerhead or the "inline filters" is the suitable one for your bathroom.  
The Advantages of Clatterans Filters

Clatterans supplies water filters with premium quality. For example, the Clatterans 13000 Gallons Shower Filter comes with filtration media certificated by the FDA and tested by SGS. Its double filter design consists of an activated carbon fiber filter and PP cotton filter, able to filter out 99% of chlorine and other impurities. The best thing is that the design saves you a lot of energy from replacing the internal filter frequently, instead, just replacing the PP cotton filter. The upgraded models of shower filters are in stock too such as the IONSPA BATH1000 Scientific 8 Stage Shower Head. If you prefer an “inline filter”, the 10-Stage Shower Water Filter will perfectly fit your need.
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