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About GE

Since founded 125 years ago, the GE Appliances has always been one of the customers’ top choices, when it comes to appliances, so has the GE refrigerator water filters.
Aimed at allowing more people to enjoy heathier water, Clatterans has launched a diverse selection of GE refrigerator water filters which all have high quality, great discounts and fast shipment!
With the state-of-the-art technology, all GE refrigerator water filter here at Clatterans can remove 99% of lead from the drinking water. Being exposed to lead for a long or short term can pose serious health problems to us, including causing high blood pressure, kidney damage on adults and delays in physical or mental development in children.
Except for the lead, the activated carbon in the GE refrigerator water filter at Clatterans can effectively remove other heavy metals in the water, including mercury, cadmium, and thallium, which can also lead to severe health issues if people ingest them over a certain amount. In addition, these GE water filters here can eliminate chlorine taste while filtering away the excessive chlorine but keeping the beneficial minerals. Moreover, the filters at Clatterans can greatly reduce dirt, rust and other sediments in the water, ensuring the water from the refrigerator sparkling clean and safe to drink.
For your peace of mind, every GE refrigerator water filter we provide here have reached the relevant standards - IAPMO and NSF/ANSI 42. Therefore, you can count on the safety and integrity of the refrigerator water filters at Clatterans. Meanwhile, the GE refrigerator water filter we provide possess a lifespan of up to six months, saving your money and trouble from changing the filter frequently. More conveniently, the process of installing these GE filters is so simple that you don’t even need tools or turn off the water when replacing cartridge inside the refrigerator.
If you’re searching for fridge water filters with wide compatibility, top quality, unquestionable low prices and fast shipment, Clatterans must be your first choice! Shop now and enjoy cleaner water!

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