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LG Refrigerator Replacement Water Filters

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About LG Refrigerator Replacement Water Filters
Refrigerators are born along with the users’ needs of keeping food fresh and cold. LG refrigerators, from the top freezer and bottom freezers to side-by-side and French door refrigerators, are also created to keep all fruits and vegetables at optimal freshness. However, among these fridges, some still can produce filtered drinking water and ice cubes effortlessly with the help of a cartridge called refrigerator water filter.
The refrigerator water filter uses the highest quality to drive harmful elements and offer clean water. As water filters have a limited lifespan, Clatterans recommends replacing the filter every six months or 200 gallons to keep water and ice tasting great and staying healthy. There’s no need to worry that changing the water filter as it is easy by yourself as so many step-by-step instructions are present online.
Compatible LG refrigerator water filters from Clatterans have a unique coconut shell activated carbon filtration medium to eliminate more contaminants compared to others on the market right now. Clatterans replacements for LG refrigerator water filters are both NSF and ANSI certified, which have impressive abilities to remove up to 99% of toxic heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and microbial cysts for up to six months after installation.
At Clatterans, there are different replacements for LG air filters which ensure fresh and clean air circulation in your refrigerator and prevent harmful contaminants and offensive odors from polluting the foods stored. The compatible LG air filters should be changed at least six months, like the refrigerator water filters, depending on how often you use. Find more information on how to change the air filter in LG refrigerator at Clatterans.
Get the replacement for LG refrigerator water filters and air filters at Clatterans to refresh the water and air in your fridge to reduce the risk of contamination and help your whole family keep healthy.
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