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As is known to all, drinking pure water is not only essential for our health, but a powerful solvent to clean our bodies and renew and regenerate us at a deep level. As a household requisite device, LG refrigerator water filter provides you and your family with a constant supply of fresh, chilled and good-tasting pure water every day.
Tested and certified by IAPMO and NSF/ANSI Standards 42, LG filters at Clatterans are proven to effectively remove sediment, chlorine pollutants, odor as well as harmful contaminants, such as cysts, mercury, lead, etc., but retain beneficial nutrients in the water and ice. Designed with a compressed carbon block, the LG water filter is endowed with a tremendous capacity to remove all your unwanted impurities and sediment. All LG fridge filters are compatible with various refrigerator models, hence you can be more likely to find out the proper one to fit your current fridge.
Coming in 2 or 3 packs, the LG refrigerator filter costs less than many other filters without compromising any quality or flow rate, which ensures it affordable for most families, as well as guarantees its optimum performance. Experts and manufacturers recommend replacing the LG water filter replacement once every six months to maximize contaminant reduction. It is especially noted that no tools are required during the installation, you can change the cartridge quickly and easily with a brochure for reference. By using LG fridge water filter, you can use less bottled water, cutting costs and protecting the environment by keeping plastic bottles out of our landfills.
Pure water regulates your body temperature, improve your digestion and keep your skin and hair hydrated. For more details about LG refrigerator water filter replacements which help deliver purified filtered water at affordable prices, you can feel free to contact our service agent.

Also LG LT120F Refrigerator Air Filters will also cleanse odor inside the fridge. It is highly recommended that you change LG air filters every 6 months.

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