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About Pitcher Filter Replacements

Reasons to Use Pitcher Purifier

As one of the most popular ways to filter tap water, pitcher filter can be seen in most households. The compact home water purifier wins large popularity with its relatively low price, effective water filtration, ease of use, large capacity and excellent portability. Compared to larger water filtration systems, pitchers can do the filtration job as well, able to remove a significant number of contaminants from water and make it far more palatable to drink. Hotels, short-term renting houses, dormitories, and other places that don't feature a large demand for drinking water would love to purchase this kind of water purifier systems.

Reasons to Change Pitcher Filter Regularly

Regular tap water can be filled with harmful contaminants, from bacteria like E. coli to minerals like mercury and lead. Water filters can help remove chlorine, copper, cadmium, zinc, mercury, and lead from the faucet water, and keep the fluoride level in our body normal. However, the collected impurities can build up in the filters, just like the lint tray in a washing machine, if not replaced or emptied in time, will get clogged. We need to change the water filters in pitchers on time.

Buy Pitcher Filter From Clatterans

Clatterans offers a wide range of pitcher filters for you to choose from. All of our filters are made of premium components. For example, the CL-PF101 Pitcher Water Filter adopts food-grade materials that comply with Article 3 of EU Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and German Food & Feed Acts LFGB Section 30 & 31. Its multi-stage filtration technology includes a pre-filter layer with natural coconut shell activated carbon and high-quality ion exchange resin. The filter replacement is made for obtaining the cleanest water for your health. Now, buy a pitcher filter on Clatterans!
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