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About Dyson Replacement Parts
Air purifiers improve indoor air quality effectively. Pollutants accumulated in the air such as cooking fumes, smoke, pollen, dust, debris, bacteria and pet dander, and more, in most cases, are highly responsible for respiratory diseases such as lung cancers, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, and pollen allergies. Air filters, for example, our air purifier comprises five different filtration stages including an activated carbon filter, a Ture HEPA filter, a pre-filter, a molecular sieve, and a negative ion generator, all combined resulting to extraordinary filtration performance. Indoor air cleaners offer the best solution to reduce contaminants in our living space and create a fresher and healthier living environment.
However, to maintain a low level of contaminants in the air and keep the air cleaning machine working in high efficiency, the quality of filters is the key. During working, filters are bound to magnetize particles in the air such as dust and pet furs, thus the filters will end up attached with a mound of filth. The accumulated dust can greatly reduce the efficiency of filters, or even worse, lead to a machinery breakdown. Therefore, to allow your air purifier to function flawlessly, remember to clean the filters or replace them regularly. But how often should we replace the air purifier filter? It depends on your air filter model, number of pets, household size, air pollution levels nearby, and indoor air quality. It is easy to replace.
According to studies compiled by experts, the concentration of air-borne contaminants indoors can reach two to five times higher than that of outdoors, without proper, efficient ventilation. To obtain better interior ventilation and remove allergens and pollutants to keep our family healthy, check out the best air purifier and replacement filters at Clatterans. You will find HEPA replacement for Dyson Pure Cool Link of TP02 or TP03 and more for your other Dyson models. We dedicated to high-quality materials while also make efforts to offer the most competitive prices in the market.
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