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About Us

Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Clatterans.com

Clatterans is dedicated to helping families live easy and healthy. At Clatterans, you’ll find everything you need to purify the water and air of your home or workplace, including refrigerator water filters, air filters, faucet filters, shower filters and varieties of practical home appliances for a hassle-free and happy life.

Our team knows that everything we do is important and can make a difference in our own lives and those of our customers. It’s upon the steadfast mindset that drives us to higher levels of innovation and performance.

Healthy living and overall well-being can’t be separated from a clean environment. Our sole focus is providing best-in-class water filtration products so each family can enjoy great-tasting, fresh, healthy water indoors and outdoors.

Tested and Certified

As one of the largest filtration providers online in the United States, Clatterans carries a various range of replacements for water filters, air filters and shower filters and many more on the way. The filter replacements on Clatterans for those name brand filters can filter out the same contaminants but at a much less expensive price.

The refrigerator filters are tested and certified by the NSF intentional against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements. The pitcher filters meet or exceed to NSF 372 Standard for lead-free materials and are tested and certified against NSF 42.

Better Water, Better Life

Using activated carbon and up-to-date technology, Clatterans’ water filters are efficient in removing potentially harmful contaminants from the water for drinking, washing, cooking, showering and more while leaving behind beneficial minerals such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

We deeply believe that better water means a better life. All of our products are created to make our customers experience a cleaner, more sanitary life. Access to clean water whether drinking water or showering water can drastically lower the chances of water-related diseases, particularly in children and the elderly.

More Possibilities

Except for water filters, Clatterans is confident of giving every family lots of support in other aspects of life by launching a series of home appliances. For example, the air purifiers are to improve air quality and help you breathe easier as they are activated to absorb household odors from pets, cooking, smoke and gases and release millions of negative ions to purify the indoor air. Other appliances, utensils and gadgets, such as air fryers, vacuum cleaners, touch faucets, hand mixers, salt guns, onion choppers and more are presented to bring great convenience to your everyday life.

Clatterans will always be here to provide excellent products and satisfying after-sales service, from finding the right filters and your favorite appliances, to ordering and receiving your purchase. Enjoy a happy shopping experience at Clatterans.com.
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