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You might be amazed at how conveniently small appliances is when you are at Clatterans!
According to researches, garlic is not only tasty but also rich in antioxidants that help stop colon tumours from forming. Chopping garlic induces tears due to a volatile gas released by garlic cells when damaged by the knife, but who wants to give up the delicious food made of garlic? The 250ml Electric Mini Garlic Crusher, a small kitchen helper offered at Clatterans, will get you out of this problem. Made of stainless steel blade and plastic shell with a capacity of 250ml, this masher is easy to clean and safe to use. Cooking will be more enjoyable when you grind garlic, ginger, chilli, as well as ground meat with this vegetable masher, which can get you rid of the trouble of hand-making and the risk of cutting fingers. If you want sliced food, then consider the 5-in-1 Vegetable Cutter that comes with a labour-saving design helping you cut vegetables quickly.
Time control is the key to cooking. Sandwood Mechanical Time Reminder Alarm Clock features a magnetic base design, making it stick to many metal surfaces such as refrigerators, ovens, and more. With this timer reminder clock, you can get a clear read on how many minutes remain when cooking a dish.
A ventilator is not only essential to a human being's house but also a pet house. In hot weather, when your dog comes close to you with its tongue sticking out, you should know that the dog house is not cool and need a ventilator that offers good airflow to keep your dog from overheating. Moreover, a ventilator for a dog house provides proper ventilation and prevents mould from forming during damp or cold weather. Therefore, remember to install a ventilator when constructing a home for your dog. Clatterans comes with a wide range of ventilators, such as the solar-powered ventilator that makes your dog cool by giving an indirect breeze.
Clatterans will surprise you with a large number of appliances that offer you perfect solutions to small yet tricky problems in daily life. Follow us for more developing products.

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