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About Outdoor & Leisure
Outdoor recreation offers a multitude of benefits on the physique, social skills, emotion and intelligence for men, women and children of all ages. In addition to breathing fresh air and enjoying continuous fun from discovering the magic of nature, taking outdoor activities encourages us to go outside more. Compared to working out in a gym, outdoor activities will save you a lot of money and get you exposed to open-air spaces instead of a stifling environment. It should be noted, however, that you select and prepare the outdoor essentials before going out. Clatterans sells an exclusive selection of outdoor gear and accessories for kayak canoeing, cycling, camping and more, all of which are on sale at the lowest price of the year.
The swimming float vest for the kayak is easy and quick to inflate and deflate so you can blow it up in just 15 seconds. Even it is half-inflated, this snorkel vest also provides enough buoyancy for most adults. After deflated, the float coat can be folded in a compact and lightweight size for easy storage and transport. Crafted from high-density and tear-resistant polyester and PVC, the swimming jacket is long-lasting, waterproof and leak-proof, ideal for dinghy sailing, canoeing, kayaking, board paddling and fishing.
The Electra bike bell sounds loud enough to alert someone and can be used in daily commuting. There are three different ringtones that can be switched by the long press for three to five seconds. The cover of this bike horn is constructed of soft silicone material for water resistance and dustproof to extend the service life. Easy to secure and remove with no tools required, the bicycle horn in a lightweight and portable design is suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, city bikes and other types of bicycles. Moreover, it can be stored conveniently in a pocket or a bag when not in use.
Other useful tools for outdoor recreation are also provided, such as a water bottle, bicycle helmet and bike carrier bag. You can choose the right one to fit your purposes and needs. 
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