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About Tools & Auto
The best car accessories can make owning and driving a car an all-around great experience. They are perfect add-ons that will safeguard the performance and value of your car and provide convenience and security meanwhile. Among a long shopping list of car accessories, there are certain things that are essential and without them, your vehicle won’t be complete.
For older vehicles that don’t have USB outlets, cigarette lighters will make driving a lot easier. They allow you to charge up all of your electronic devices at one time, including the devices powered by both USB and 12-volt systems. With a powerful cigarette lighter, you can also use heavy-duty devices like filling a tire while you’re out on the road.
The Quick Charger 3.0 Cigarette Lighter Power Splitter is designed to provide enough power and options to ensure everyone in your car gets the power they need with up to 180 watts of power and has three lighter sockets and four USB charging ports. You can charge smartphones, GPS navigation systems and even small appliances like car humidifiers, refrigerators, portable vacuum cleaners and more. Moreover, the splitter charges four times faster than conventional chargers. It’s safe to use with many protections, such as overheating, overload and short circuits.
There’re other great selections at our store to upgrade your ride and enhance your driving experience. The car heaters or defrosters are excellent choices to defog and defrost the windshield and even keep you and your passengers warm. Some portable models combine cooling and heating in one that work for both the summer and winter. To make your car ride more comfortable, a good steering wheel cover made from high-quality materials, like wool or leather, is worth the investment.
Clatterans also carry the best tools or toolboxes for doing any sort of repair job, DIY project, general upkeep or professional job easily and quickly. Find the right tool kits that include a wide variety of tools, like drills, impact drivers, wrenches and more, to help you perform all types of projects around your home, in your garage or even in your vehicle.
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