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About Baby, Kids & Toys
Toys and games can help boost children’s intellectual development, spark their imagination, cultivate their creativity and encourage them to socialize with others while improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. From infant toys to toddler gadgets, Clatterans has covered a wide range of toys which is integrated with learning, entertaining and education. Here you can find toys for boys and girls, including remote control car toys, dinosaur toys, spiderman toysrobot dogs, truck toys and other various toys. 
Off-road car toys are often regarded as the perfect gifts for boys. The RC stunt car is engineered with a four-wheel-drive system that delivers strong power and a speed range of 15-20km per hour. Thanks to the wireless 2.4GHz frequency remote control, this toy car can perform itself to the fullest without interference. What makes the car popular is that the unique features of simulated spray exhaust and dynamic simulated car sound. Another take apart racing car is also top-rated. It is a mix of premium ABS plastic and solid stainless steel allowing for long-term use and optimal safety. With functional features of high-speed resilience, strong power supply, simulation scene, dazzling lights and dynamic music, the car toy will bring tons of amusement for kids. 
Dinosaur playsets have various types of options. The dinosaur toy figure kit is one of the top picks. It is a complete set of nine realistic dinosaur action figures as well as a compelling Dino park mat, which triggers children’s interest in the Dino world and hones their exploration skills. The dinosaur figures are made of non-toxic PVC plus a hand-painted process for maximum safety and long-lasting durability. Furthermore, the mat with a dinosaur park theme with bright colours is large enough for two to four players to spend hours of imaginative and cooperative play. The 13-in-1 dinosaur transporter truck toy set is constructed of top-quality materials which boast environmental friendliness, crash resistance and absolute safety for children. By pressing the built-in button, you can see flashing lights, listen to music and hear sounds of dinosaurs and cars. 
An impressive and great range of toys and games for boys and girls at Clatterans will be a surprise to you. Get the perfect toys at affordable costs for your kids. 
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