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About Pet Supplies
The best pet supplies or accessories are absolutely necessary for your dog’s or cat’s health and happiness. Pets are our best companions and make our house and life comfier and happier. Whether you’ve got a dog or cat, you must find the most effective method to take good care of them. Clatterans offer a huge variety of superior accessories at economical prices for your cats and dogs. From dog carriers and pet steps to a wide range of interactive cat toys, all are designed for safety and quality.
Cat water fountains are specially designed for your feline child to stay hydrated and healthy. Cats need to drink lots of water to keep themselves hydrated, and help with digestion and even prevent urinary infections and other potential diseases like kidney disease. Clatterans water fountains are perfect for cats who love to drink from the tap and come with a large water capacity of 2 liters. They’re compact in design that won’t take up much floor space.
The water fountain is designed with a beautiful plastic flower that produces multiple streams of water, ideal for families with multiple cats and encouraging your cats to drink more. It works quietly with an intelligent water pump and has a complete filtration system to clear impurities in the water and provide safe and healthy drinking water and prolong water pump life. A blue LED light helps guide your cat in the dark and a clear water-level window helps you easily check if the fountain needs filling. To keep the water fountain clean, pet parents must change the water filters regularly. Our 4-pack replacement filters for water fountain can filter hair and residue, remove chlorine odors for better-tasting water.
For dog or cat owners, a wearable tracker or collar with location and activity tracking can help ensure your dog or cat is safe and healthy and give you a little more peace of mind. By downloading an app on your Android or IOS device, you can easily track your dog’s location within 0.12miles whether in a downtown or a densely populated area. You can record voice commands to communicate with your dog remotely. To improve safety, the tracker will also give off alerts when pets leave the safe zones.
Spoil your furry four-legged companions with our top-quality dog and cat accessories. Discover more advanced or innovative pet supplies at Clatterans.
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