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About Pest Repellents, Bug a Salt
Patio, Lawn & Garden Pest Repellents Supplies are indispensable for a beautiful, tidy and clean yard or patio. Gardeners or house owners do not welcome harmful insects in their gardens and backyards. How to expel or keep these unpleasant visitors away? A salt gun is a powerful device which uses ordinary table salt as ammo to stun or kill flying insects. Finding the best fly salt gun Pest Control is quite a challenging and time-consuming task because plenty of bug salt guns are available in the market. We provide a wide selection of salt guns of high quality and great value. Browse through our page and pick up the right one among our exclusive salt gun range.
Bug a salt available in a variety of colors is made of high-grade ABS plastic which is proven to be the most powerful in shooting a larger load of salt to decimate pesky insects in your garden or lawn, including flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs and more. This salt pepper gun is non-toxic and requires no batteries. Furthermore, the bug gun is easy to operate and is suitable for adults. Get rid of all annoying pests from your house while have fun doing it.
The laser bug-beam sight with switch is a great add-on accessory specially designed for Bug-A-Salt 2.0/3.0. It features a heavy-duty aluminum construction finished with a black coating. It is durable and lightweight, ensuring a long service time. Its gunsight is the perfect auxiliary aiming accessory. The high-brightness dual-mode laser successes in accurate shooting without any false shots. The laser sight is easy to install without any tools required. Bring you an irreplaceable shooting experience.
Our salt gun shooting mechanism stands out with impressive reliability, incredible durability and lasting strength. For safety, keep it away from children and pets. Protect your lawn and make your house free of pesky insects with Clatterans bug a salt. For more practical Patio, Lawn & Garden Supplies, checkout at Clatterans with great discounts.
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