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About Home & Kitchen
Whether you’re after an air purifier or want an air fryer to serve the needs of your house renovation, Clatterans provides a wide range of home appliances for its customers, with unbeatable prices, unquestioned quality and undoubted service. Our home appliances include kitchen devices, cleaning machines and other household appliances. From your kitchen to your living room, every domestic appliance at Clatterans is of top-quality, affordable price and high-performance.
Compared with other traditional cookers, air fryers are more powerful and faster in cooking, and require only a small amount of oil or no oil at all to make foods crispy with little calories and fat. Multifunctional and high-efficiency, the air fryers can save your time in the kitchen, promote a healthy diet as well as provide multiple cooking methods for dishes. Apart from air fryers, other small kitchen appliances such as grills and ovens are helpful and practical as well. Save money and time on preparing meals, treats or doing other housework with the essential kitchen equipment!
When it comes to cleaning appliances, versatile cleaner options are served for your daily cleaning tasks. We offer a great selection of cleaners and mops, including vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and steam mops. Vacuum cleaners such as upright, canister and handheld vacuum cleaners, are effective, convenient and easy-to-maneuver. Steam cleaners or steam vapor systems capitalize steam to dry, clean and sanitize inanimate surfaces quickly. With them, you can say goodbye to costly and tedious cleaning chores.
An air purifier is the best way to effectively clean the indoor air and improve your lifestyle. When air passes through the purifier, pollutants and particles are captured, then the clean air is released back into your home or office. For those who have allergies or asthma, an air purifier can effectively help reduce allergens that cause asthma and allergies. Live a healthy and green lifestyle with Clatterans’ environment-friendly home appliances!
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