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About Reverse Osmosis Filters

Benefits of Filtered Water & The Best Way to Filter Water

Filtered water is an effective way to protect us from illnesses. We have to filter water is because the city water does have some impurities we don’t want, such as lead from the rusted water pipes, chemical residues from the water treatment process, and so on. Harmful substances are often found in the city water samples of areas around industrial plants. And for some areas, they have higher pH value in their water sources due to geological reasons.
To ensure the cleanness of drinking water, water filters are necessary for us. Commonly-used water purifiers include whole house water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, pitcher filters, under sink water filters, and refrigerator water filters, etc. Most of these filters need replacements at least every six months, so they can continue to work well. But some with more powerful filtration performance might need changes every three or four months. If you often missed the best time for ordering a replacement, Clatterans has subscription options for you, on which you can schedule the deliveries of the wanted filter models on the set time to your house address.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters On Sale at Clatterans

When choosing a home-use water filtration system, many will prefer RO water filters, which are well known for their thorough filtration capacity. For example, Clatterans’ on-sale osmosis system- Clatterans 6 Stage Home Water Drinking Reverse Osmosis System features a six-stage filtration system, which includes 2 SED filters, 2 GAC filters and CTO filters. Its marvelous design enables the system to remove up to 99.99% of lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, calcium, arsenic, bacteria, and more. Professional reverse osmosis water filters are relatively expensive, but at Clatterans, we’ve managed to offer more affordable models.

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