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Berkey Replacement Water Filters

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About Berkey Replacement Water Filters
Berkey is one of the brands manufactured by New Millennium Concepts and well-known as its diverse range of water filtration systems, including Light, Crown, Imperial, Royal, Big, and Travel Berkey and Go Berkey kit. Along with other filtration accessories, such as Berkey water filters, Berkey is committed to providing purified water anytime anywhere to thousands of families throughout the world, making their life healthier and more pleasant.

With Clatterans replacements for Berkey systems, you’ll never worry about not having clean water for your daily life or outdoor activities. If you are planning to replace the old water filters in your Berkey system, don’t miss our Clatterans filter replacements to help you get fresh-tasting water and keep you safe from the risks of stomachache and other health problems.

The Berkey purification replacement filters at Clatterans are using the state-of-the-art technology with high-grade filtration material, effectively trapping the unsafe contaminants and removing hundreds of harmful substances, such as toxic chemicals like fluoride and arsenic and other heavy metals like lead and mercury. For your peace of mind, two filter elements from Clatterans for Berkey filtration system can purify about 1,000 or 8,000 gallons of water before needing replacement.
Clatterans carries a variety of Berkey water filter replacements for Black Berkey and Berkey Fluoride systems, such as CL-1015 and CL-1025, separately for BB9-2 and PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic replacement filter (More on the way). They fit perfectly in the royal, crown, imperial, Big and Travel Berkey filtration system, which are easy to install without tools required.
Find the best water filter replacement at Clatterans and take control of your water with peace of mind. Clatterans filter replacements for Berkey system are more than a simple filter, but a great purifier which will give you and your family the purest and cleanest water anywhere, anytime no matter in your home kitchen or on your camping trips.
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