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About New Arrivals
Clatterans offers a number of new arrivals which are great-value and high-performance options, including projection lamps, holiday deals, Christmas decorations, LED lanterns, corner floor lamps, smart wristbands, game consoles and more. All new arrivals can not only be used indoors and outdoors, but also are suitable for men, women and children. Browse through our page and pick up the desired ones from the exclusive range.
Clatterans has a variety of LED sleep lights including turtle projection light, start light projector and baby assistant sleep lamp. Both child’s turtle projector for room and sky projection lamp can make the bedroom become a quiet and romantic night sky children for fast sleep. Moreover, the baby noise machine stimulates the uterine environment and helps children sleep well. All of them are compact and lightweight allowing for easy transport and convenient storage in your backpack.
Holiday Deals is one of the hot-selling sections, such as Christmas solar lanterns, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas toy gifts and other Christmas ornaments. Solar-powered pathway lights are efficient and energy-saving to add a touch of holiday romance to your yard and garden. The Christmas ornaments like climbing ladder Santa Claus, Christmas stockings gift bags, Christmas trees and Christmas balls will not only bring a festive ambiance to your home, but also trigger the excitement of your family and guests. In addition, the Christmas toy gifts can keep children occupied and mentally stimulated, whilst providing them with much-needed entertainment. There are also plenty of toy varieties available for options.
Electronics are also popular as they make our lives more convenient and easy. Clatterans provides smart wristband, handheld game console, USB charging cable and other useful electronic devices. The smart bracelet with a multi-mode activity tracker records your sports data and monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and sleep quality. It can be used as a notification for calls and Apps. The handheld game console allows you to enjoy gaming whenever and wherever you like.
New arrivals from Clatterans are sold with the bottom prices and excellent customer service guarantee. Shop now with confidence. 
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